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Full Realism Films

Welcome to my Full realism film archive.

If you dont have the E, dont pull the G.

list of films Until I get the flight info all done, here is a list of FR films worth taking a look at.

FW-190d9 A 190 flight around a bz island. Vertical fighting in a multiple bogie engagement, from 10k to the deck.

P51d furball p51, co 109, then low vs. f6f, zeke2.

Napom A p51 v. cz f6f, 2x. while trying to get to his buffs.

A must seeA F4u flight with alot of diffrent tactics used. At 20k engaged w/3, SA shows higher bogies, engaged w/ 4, a stall, then time to disengage, then on the deck again, against a spit9, and p47d

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