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Realixed Realism


A list of RR films till I get more done.

  A squad of kate's attack C.V. Tadpole

  Fun furball in F4u

A good example of high f6 on my f6

dont usually lose so much alt, but had an idea who this was, and wanted him on the deck. Shows my suck em in, then get to 6 pos for shot move.

Nice f4 on f4 1-1, bogie has alt adv. In w/ alt on f6f, then in w/ alt low f4u, SA keeps me looking, see the high f4 that jumps and kill it.

Why not to misjudge anyplane.F4u and a fw190 fight, i loose, but is a great fight.

Kreig's A8Why not to misjudged E states. Gaining on a a8, climb out, the a8 does 2 reversels for a kill shot.

Rythm's cat.Wow, just couldnt get a kill shot

Good wing flight w/ dot 7

Another good wing w/ dot7

Dot2 filmA sweet look at the ki in good hands, 4 on 4, 4 bz die in like 15 secs

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