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Single Bogie, Alt advantage




Lots of ways to fight this engagement. same SA involved. If bogie climbs to me, ill do a gentle spiral climb till he stalls, then turn for a shot. If he wont engage, i'll usually dive, gaining speed, 1/2 loop after merge to try hook em, then a climbing spiral to bag em. Alot of turning planes (Ie. f6) will turn into the dive to get a headon merge till the zoomer makes a mistake and gets dead. If I see a bogie using this, about 1k out i'll 1/2 loop and catch him at the top of his loop. Its is VERY important to level, or on the way back up using a zoom attack. If your low after merge means expending to much E to regain a 6 posistion for a shot. Many a zoomer end up back in H.Q. because of that mistake.