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Single Bogie, Co-Alt Merge



(Your aircraft is a E fighter, IE. F4u, P51, Fw's, nik2, against another E fighter thats not a newbie)

Get your SA going right away. What is the characteristics of you opponent? How does he want to put the fight in his favor? ALWAYS keep the fight to favor your aircraft. Any bogies is sector? Friendlies? How much time do you have for this engagement before his help may arrive. Co-alt is the hardest to judge E states. Usually your first indication is after merge. I will allmost allways climb through the merge here, and watch the bogie closely for and indication of his E. Low E will usually keep a level, to -2k roc after merge. The harder his climb out of merge, higher the E. If I'm lower E, first priority is to get E states somewhat equal.