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Air Warrior III Flight tactics

FYI- All thoughts here are my own, not having read much on tactics before and since my start in Air Warrior I on AOL in mid 1995.

I flew the F6f allmost exclusivley until the start of AWII beta, (Have been told I was a driver to be reconed with) which was using the big pacific maps, and either partial, or full realism settings. A long flight in a F6f took a while. Changing to the f4u for its speed and power, I found that if flown well, the f4u is a VERY effective fighter, in any way except for below 150 knts, and 1000 ft.

My tactics here can be used in any plane. But you must know the strengths and weakness of them all. Any plane, can beat any other plane, if the fight is on your terms.

The best E state, is one that is enough to get your target to loose his, and give you the best (and quickest, 'cause your bound to get jumped) kill shot.

Energy fighting 101

Myth- You can never have to much E.

Fact- The best E state is determed by the situation.

1 on 1, Co-Alt Merge 1 on 1, Alt Adv. 1 on 1, Alt Low
2 on 2, Co-Alt Merge 2 on 2, Alt Adv. 2 on 2, Alt Low