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2 on 2, Co-Alt Merge



<. Question- I Feel winging properly is like learning to fly all over. Case in point. Do you engage lead or trailer? What is your wingman expected to do?>

Im sure there are several formations good for wingin, but I REALLY prefer the loose duece, or lead and trail. Planes......I prefer a E and a turner, like f4 and cat, but any combo will do for this style.

Co-alt, line astern, trailer keeps about 1.7-2.2k out, Now, at the merge with a co-alt pair, You CANT attack the other lead, that is power of the pair. If you attack the lead, you just showed you'r six to the trailer, And more than likely, are now dead. Slight dive, zoom through the merge with the other lead, and engage the trailer first with a try at a belly shot, and then climb out of the second merge, even if you might have a chance to turn for a shot, you wont be set up well for the rest of the fight.

<. Staying at 2k will help you pick up your wingmans 6 but what if they are totally defensive and NOT protecting your 6 from the enemy's wingman? >

(If you use this tactic, hopefully, most often as soon as you or your wing go's defensive, the other should be right there to clear six)


Now, as you zoom past the lead, your trailer needs to keep eyes open for how the other lead reacts to the first merge, he may engage, and show his six, if not, the other trailer may.

Now, after the trailer merges with oppossing trailer, there is a very good chance that the other lead is makin a turn to your wingy's 6 at this point, and you should be lookin for that as you grab out of the second merge.

Ok, picture, lead is just passed 2nd merge, grabbin out, trailer engagein either bogie that have turned to your six, ( :))) both are soon dead) if neither have, the trailer can then make a turn to attack the other lead, (BE SURE TO CALL THIS, easy w/ posistion change, "IN, got lead", or "off, taken trail" He is NOW lead, and i become trailer, i have zoomed, and now make my turn to my wingy's 6, as he engages, more than likely, soon after my turn, witch ever bogie that my wingy hasnt taken a six position on, will be turnin to the new leads six, and the new trail should be in a great posistion to clear his six quikly.

The new lead, preferably WONT get turnin hard, will take a shot if easy, maybe a bit of turn, but keep the E up, grab out, trailer clears six if need be, then it starts all over.

Once guys get used to working together, this comes real quick, dont even need to call lead changes anymore, looks back tell you what he is doing, and that tells you what you should be doing. Of course , the best of plans never hold up to first enemy contact :))) but......the general idea will mean you win more that you lose, and with practice, that will come to a much higher percentage.